Thrive empowers people to create and sustain positive change and growth in their own lives.

That’s because Thrive is designed with 20 years of practical experience combined with research from a broad range of disciplines. In fact, all the content found in Thrive is set in a unique framework, which supports overall wellbeing and achievement-based thinking.

As a participant of Thrive, you will recognise universal concepts as well as learn new ones. You will find yourself challenged to take action, and to think differently about how you live, work and relate to the world around you.

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Fields of research include:

  • Positive psychology
  • Cognitive and behavioural psychology
  • Habit formation and neuroscience
  • Developmental psychology
  • Transformational learning
  • Personal development learning
  • Motivational theory
  • Philosophy

“The kids come out of Thrive different people. They have more confidence and self-esteem. The self-belief they learn transforms how they engage with school work. They are much more willing to try. This attitude shift has a profound effect on the whole group. ”

Lucy, Teacher

Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program

Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program is a face-to-face program with proven outstanding results. The Personal Leadership Program is delivered by Youth Opportunities to groups of Year 10 students, in partnership with high schools. The 10-week course is facilitated by two qualified Youth Opportunities trainers, and combines the highest degree of practical experience, coaching and content within a supportive group environment. The Personal Leadership Program works to transform the lives of young people; creating real and lasting positive change.

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