Thrive Student

Who is Thrive for?

Thrive is primarily aimed at young people, from 14 to 17 years of age.

What can Thrive achieve?

Every Thrive participant graduates with a unique set of positive outcomes. These can include increased happiness, greater confidence, positive self-image, increased motivation, stronger study habits and grades, a clearer future directer and stronger relationship with family, teachers and friends. Ten SACE points are also available to Thrive graduates.

Why does Thrive work?

Thrive has been tried and tested, with great positive results. Thrive draws on up-to-date research in psychology and personal development and has been created by a team with many years' experience in delivering related face-to-face and online programs to young people.

Where can Thrive be undertaken?

Thrive is devised to be undertaken at school, college or in a similar classroom setting.

When can Thrive begin?

Thrive is devised to begin at the start of a school semester.

How long does Thrive take to complete?

Thrive can be completed over one school semester and can run as an Integrated Learning Subject or a Personal Learning Plan subject in South Australia.