Learn practical skills and knowledge to increase student connection and engagement and actively support student wellbeing.

A series of three short workshops and courses, which impart skills, knowledge and experience to educators wanting to support student learning and wellbeing and pursue new strategies for student connection. Thrive Educator courses also support educators who want to grow themselves both personally and professionally. For schools, Thrive Educator workshops and courses provide a key strategic approach towards developing positive school culture, by equipping staff with wellbeing strategies for themselves and the young people they work with. The programs are theme-based with online learning components and a flexible approach to how educator learning can be best supported within the school or a small group setting.

The three short Thrive Educator courses offer both professional and personal learning to teachers and educators who have a desire to understand and support student wellbeing.   Thrive Educator programs offer an opportunity for schools and their executive teams to take practical and strategic steps towards fostering positive cultural change within their educational setting.


Thrive Experience

Educators can expect to be personally challenged and inspired as they action program strategies in their own lives. This serves as a springboard to their understanding of how to assist the young people they work with.


Thrive Coaching and Connection

Built on a proven relationship model, this program explores the coaching approach and practical strategies to engage, connect with and motivate students.


Thrive Extension

Offers in-depth knowledge and application of the program tools for greater personal wellbeing and knowledge to support students.

How it works

Each Thrive Educator course and workshop has an online component that can be completed over five weeks but with the option to be extended over 10 weeks.

To achieve best learning outcomes, programs are varied in approach to include: independent online learning, experiential learning, application in the workplace and professional group learning where possible.

Thrive Educator Programs are designed to align with and meet the professional learning criteria in the National Professional Standards for Teachers.

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“By choosing to look at what is good, what is working well and what the future can be, I have found that I feel more relaxed, less overwhelmed and far more optimistic when dealing with certain students who have challenged me in the past.”

Gary, Teacher

“Thrive Educator has given me new methods to communicate with students and redefined my priorities so that I am balanced.”

Hannah, Teacher

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