Youth Opportunities mission is to empower young people and increase their wellbeing and resilience.

Twenty years ago, the founder of Youth Opportunities, Peter Marshman OAM, saw many young South Australians faced a number of challenges throughout the crucial middle years of secondary school. As a result, he set about developing a program designed to support young people to become confident resilient leaders. One program initially ran in Salisbury, South Australia, and the rest is history. Youth Opportunities was created.

Today our direct training program, delivered by two dedicated Youth Opportunities trainers one day a week over 10 weeks, is available to Year 10 students in schools and organisations across South Australia. Peter’s mission some twenty years ago remains our mission today – to empower and support young people to reach their full potential. Youth Opportunities has seen more than 11,000 students graduate since that first program. This year we expect to graduate almost 650 students from across 21 schools.