Developing the skills and habits that help young people thrive in school, work and life.

Our Aim

Thrive has a mission to empower young people across Australia with the skills to overcome challenges, the tools to strengthen relationships and the means to gain motivation to succeed in all areas of life. Thrive can offer young people goal-planning, motivation, communication and wellbeing strategies that really work. It can also provide young people with a skillset to increase their capacity for resilience and responsibility. Thrive can make a difference today.

Young people face many challenges in their day to day lives and one of the key aims of Thrive is to prevent the downward spiral which can occur if young people make poor life choices. Focusing on building confidence, self-worth and personal drive; the program provides a practical wellbeing framework, which can help young people overcome adversity by promoting life-long achievement and happiness. The program ensures young people don’t just cope, they thrive.

Our History

Thrive is borne out of Youth Opportunities, a not-for-profit organisation which has successfully been delivering personal leadership programs to secondary school students across South Australia for twenty years. The Marshman Foundation – the research and development arm of Youth Opportunities – has been researching and developing Thrive since 2012, specifically for students and educators to use online.

Thrive has grown from Youth Opportunities practical, everyday experience training thousands of young people. With this knowledge, together with compelling current research in psychology and personal development, and an effective blended or mix-modal approach to online learning, Thrive has arrived, and it works.


Thrive offers young people the opportunity to learn skills that result in increased positive habits. Young people leave Thrive with improved confidence, a greater ability to deal with and work through negative experiences, positive communication skills and enhanced responsibility. Thrive has been established in line with the internationally recognised Positive Psychology theory of PERMA, which identifies five constructs of wellbeing: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement.

Our latest PERMA results showed great outcomes for Thrive Student Pilot Programs.

Participants reported:

  • 100% improved relationships with peers
  • 92% increased confidence
  • 88% improved relationships with teachers
  • 83% improved relationships with family
  • 79% increased self-esteem